Hello Hello there, yes, you the one who landed on this page to see if what you’re about to read is accurate or just another faux.

Well, I have been a geek all my life, not literally actually but I do have some work shoe advice which I see every now and then worn by some amazing women in and out of workplaces.

So go on, try to disagree and we shall take this to court. (HAHA JK.)

1. Black Black all the way

I.ME.MYSELF is obsessed with anything black!
and, I have to, have to tell you the story about my new black pumps.
So, I saw these in one of Hannah Orsens Insta stories and took a screenshot immediately (we all do that come on) This was 4 months ago. Now, 2 weeks back I saw them at ZARA and I knew I had to buy them, first I avoided because they were a little out of my budget but then I couldn’t sleep for a week. Things you don’t buy haunt you, IT IS TRUE. After a week and a half, I went to ZARA just to stare at their beauty, they had only one pair left, it was my size and that was it. They’re home now.

2. Match my skin much?

Even though I feel black solves all the purpose in life but having a pair of neutral pumps not only helps in giving an outfit the oomph factor but also keeps in on the formal side. Also, having them in a neutral shade will help your legs look elongated and well, will make you look tall. (tiny people like me need these duh!) Now, where did I find mine? um… can you keep a secret? SAROJINI!(THEY GIVE ALDO VIBES THOUGH)
Yep, am not lying, swear on my black pumps!

3. Flats to the rescue

When things go wrong with heels (and you know they do … almost every single time), one should always always have a pair of flats ready. Having cute, easy-to-pack flats is definitely a lifesaver. You can get these anywhere, in your local market or in the mall. So go ladies, stow them with you and know that you’ll be safe! I got mine from, Oh, stole it from my sister!

4. Sneaky Devil

Sneakers have ruled the fashion scenario throughout all our lives and have been essential for all wardrobes. Now, you must be confused as to how can sneakers be a part of your work shoe collection? Well, let me tell how…
a) You can team them up with a well-tailored suit
b) You can wear them with a formal dress for those casual days at work
c) You can also team them up with a knee-length skirt worn with a button down shirt
and many many more ways, basically, you need to get one. NOW!

5. Long, short boots

This shouts comfort from the moment you wear them. Shiny leather, a little bit of heel, oh boy definitely makes a great office shoe. Two of my favorite boots are from a flea market that took place last year near my workplace which also happens to be a shopping centre (guilty). I picked up these beautiful knee-length black boots from Kainali for Rs 3000 (A STEAL, I KNOW RIGHT) and the other is from H&M sale. Yeah, I would say I get lucky sometimes with sales, you know. *TOUCHWOOD*

6. Block out the world

I love me some damn sexy heels but, we all must agree that block heels are the best thing that ever happened to us. Block heels are like comfort food and we all need them in our lives for work and otherwise. Not only they help you get an easy day at work but also they look quite chic when worn with tailored outfits. These little fellas from Everlane are on my Lust List.

I hope my little shoe geekiness helped you.

Until next time…

Signing off,


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