Welcome home.

Waking up to see his annoying face,
curled up in a white blanket,
looking like a winter night,
took every ounce of me not to kiss him.
I was hooked to a sleeping face,
a face so perfect that I could sleep in the cold of him.

I knew I loved him,
the moment I laid eyes on him.
I knew I would love this person for the longest time.

He opened his eyes slightly, slowly and then all at once.
“Hey, how long have you been up”, he asked.
A long pause and I’m still looking at him,
questioning myself,
how can a human be so in love with another human,
so much that there’s no realization of time. How?

He rolled up to my side, put his arms around me and asked
“Let’s run away today, someplace far away.
Just you and me. Grab your coat and come with me? Will you?” 

I nodded with a yes and buried my ears into the calm of his heartbeat,
It was then I heard my soul whisper,
Welcome home.

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