It says you can’t do it.
It says you can.

It says you aren’t loved.
It says you’re loved the most.

It says you’re sad.
It says you’re happy.

It isn’t you.
But, it is.

Mumbling, screaming, crying, laughing or dancing in joy…
Thinking, reading or writing in silence…
Listening to music or humming the same song while you play the strings of your guitar…

It won’t stop.
It never stops.

The faded memory or the unseen future…
The loss of a loved one or the stories that never came true…
The incomplete love story or the search for self-worth…

It won’t stop.
It never stops.

What does “It” want?

To not let us sleep.
To have dreams.

To walk away.
To stay put.

To remind us of the chaotic past.
To build our happily ever after.

To die.
To live.

“It” is the voice, the inner voice.

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