Take Me Back.

Flying again to the night we met.

Evening sky, kids playing along the shore..

All normal, just like how I left it, the last time.

Until I put my feet into the water..

It was as if they knew, the waves

That I was there..

That’s when the breeze started..

The breeze so strong as if the waves were welcoming me home.

A home not too old,

A home free of all the vulgarities of the world,

A home full of love,

A safe haven.

They danced and fought hard enough to sprinkle little droplets over my face..

Telling me they’re happy to see me again.

Later around midnight,

Something happened..

Something beyond the power of our imagination..

The moon turned rusty and then red shining right above the waves..

Had never seen something so extraordinary,

A real beauty, nature playing it’s card. Strong waves, hush in the air, dark clouds still filled with stars.

Quite a welcome hah?

Days passed, the sea calmed down.

Until it was time to leave, again.

Planned to leave without a goodbye this time..

Guess should have known it would be difficult.

I stepped into the water, the waves pondered over, asking me to stay.

Stay. Stay. Stay.

This is home.

This is where you feel free.

This is where life’s good.

This is where you’re okay.

Stay. Stay. Stay.

Only If I could. Only if I could.

I whispered to myself as I bid my final goodbye to this home away from home.

Stay. Stay. Stay.


The breeze moved along.

I turned and replied, I will see you, again, I promise.

And raced back as fast as I could before I change my mind.

It’s funny how nature has a way of playing with our mind, our thoughts, our soul.

It’s funny how we let it.

Back to reality,

Wishing, hoping, murmuring,

Take me back,

So I can stay

Take me back,

So I can be me.

Take me back

To the Peace Home.

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