Someday you’ll realize what the wait was for
Someday you’ll see that the home you were looking for was right here
Someday you’ll figure out that the peace was always within
Finding someone to love you the way you’ve only admired from a far in movies or read about in your favorite books..
Finding someone who’ll give you all the hope in the world and tell you the path is right, keep moving..
Finding someone who’ll have your back in good times or bad, light or dark, thin or thick..
Find someone?
How & where, you ask?
Look in the mirror.
What do you see?
Do you see a broken, lonely person waiting to be saved?
But wait do you also see that little spark in their eye?
Is it there?
Look closely?
Can you see?
In the universe that your eye consists, there it is, that tiny spark, that’s your person.
The person who’ll give you what you’ve always wished for, hoped for and dreamed about all your life.
Someday you’ll realize it has always been you,
the person who’ll have your back & love you to bits has always been within you.. waiting.
Waiting for you to accept it
Waiting for you to fall in love with
Waiting for you to let it fight for you
Waiting to be a part of all your dark secrets
Waiting to be a part of all your deepest memories.
It’s there, right there.
Pick yourself.
Choose yourself.
Fall for yourself.
You’re the one.
Someday you’ll realize you’re the one you’ve been waiting for, all along.
It has always been you.
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