Everybody wants the best,
Nobody wants the mess.
But what if that’s what I am?

Just a mess.
A mess of beautiful thoughts
A mess with a kind heart
A mess wanting to live a crazy dream
A mess of gorgeous chaos?

Thats what I am,
A mess.
Just not the best,
I’ll never be.

I’m the girl who’ll make you go bonkers
Who’ll question your notions, your ideas, your whole life.

But, am not the best,
I’m the girl you’ll die laughing with,
You fall, I fall, the world falls.
Right or left or all across the face.

But hey, am not the best,
I’m a mess.

Too ruined to be fixed
Too stubborn to be tamed
Too empty to be loved
Yet, have a lot to give away.

But, god no am not the best,
I’m the starlight in the night sky, so faraway
I’m the humming bird, you cannot hear
I’m the muddy smell in the rain, you cannot sense

I fall too hard and too loud,
Oh all the time
Making sure the world knows, am still here.
I’m still not the best
Just a mess.
A mess of gorgeous chaos.
Not ready to give up, yet.

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