just a dream.

Serenity at its best
the ocean bliss
sun rising
birds chirping from their nest
walking through
while the waves thunder
oh what a sight…
right in the middle
there’s something,
an alley…
taking us through
right into a room…
filled with lilacs,
white curtains,
a bed so very warm
Sinatra playing some tunes
oh what a sight…
oh what a sight…
as i walked pass the balcony door
I see you, smiling
looking at the bright, burning clouds
as they’re ready to bring in
the morning sky.
Right in the middle of nowhere…
there you stood
looking just the right amount of perfect
took every ounce of me not to touch you
took every ounce of me not to kiss you
took every ounce of me…
What are we?
I’m not sure.. am I? are you?
But all I know..
you and I will always collide.
before I could get closer
a slight breeze touched my face
as the sun light beamed into the room
waking me up
whispering in my ear…
“it was just a dream”.

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