Band of Dreams

Marching with a band of dreams.
Looking straight in the eyes of the horizon.
Stopping in between to pick up some hope.
Treat it as sweet post some armour strokes.

Wishing for a home.
Wishing for a heart.
Wishing for a soul.
Wishing for a dream to come true.
Or all waiting in the queue

Dreams, oh dreams.
Let them be.
They’re meant to be broken and not otherwise.
They’re meant to die not be alive.

No. Oh no.
Don’t you show,
The reality that am afraid to let go.
There is no me without a band that follows.
There’s no sea without the changing moon.

How can you say
What I seek is not seeking me

Far away is a place,
That belongs to me
Where the trumpets are played when the entry is made
Where my band rests amongst the golden gates
Where I am the highest grade.

Oh far away is a place,
Fearless like the knights fighting
Fearless like the blue clouds
Fearless like the flying birds
Fearless as the dawn ready to take the sun.

I’m marching with a band of dreams
Say what you may
You can’t change
The thoughts I scream
You can’t change
The words I breathe
Say what you may
I’m marching with a band of dreams.

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