A Little Bit…

Explore the chaos in me
Explore the world in me
Explore what you’ve lost
Explore what you’re yet to gain

In the middle of the rain,
On top of the mountain,
Staring at the starless sky
How would it be
To be in your arms right now
How the world would
Become a better place,
My own safe haven.

Sing along,
The favorite song
Who wins?
Battle for the dish
Race me?
Till we reach the middle

Close your eyes.
Breathe in.
Hold it.
Hold it longer.
Exhale once you feel
The wind hitting your chest
A little too hard.

That’s when it happens
That’s when you’ll see

The chaos in me
The world in me
What you’ve lost
What you’re yet to gain.

A little bit of
You and Me.

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